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in honor and memory of all mothers who have battled cancer

In 1994 Celia Rosenberg was diagnosed with colon cancer. Although she bravely and tirelessly attempted to fight this deadly disease for 5 years, on April 6, 1999, her struggle ended. The life of a strong, caring and beautiful person was lost. Another victim claimed by this horrible disease. We must stop these senseless deaths.

In attempt to do so, Miles for Moms was established, to raise money for cancer research. All proceeds from Miles for Moms' events are donated towards cancer research and related programs.

The purpose of our organization is threefold:

1. To commemorate Celia's life, and the lives of all those we loved and lost to Cancer;

2. To increase awareness of cancer and methods of prevention; and most importantly,


But we need your help to accomplish these goals. We must find a cure by raising money for cancer research. You can help. You can make a difference.

Miles For Moms is a 501(c)(3) charity organization founded in memory of Celia Rosenberg, and all mothers who have battled cancer, by her daughter, Renee Rosenberg in August 1999. Proceeds from all Miles For Moms events are donated towards cancer research and related programs. A copy of the latest annual report may be obtained, upon request, from either of the following:
Miles For Moms
PO Box 61, Edgewater, NJ 07020 10271
New York Attorney General's Charities Bureau
Attn: FOIL Officer, 120 Broadway, New York, New York